Top Lawn Problems

Top Lawn Problems And How To Fix Them

Fixing Lawn Problems

There are a lot of problems that could affect your lawn and you need to know what the most common problems are. Once you know what the problem is, you can learn how to fix it. There are some fixes that will stop the problem from recurring, but most remedies will need to be applied whenever you see the first signs of the problem recurring. You can also hire the lawn care services to fix these following problems.

The Growth Of Crabgrass

Crabgrass is one of the most common problems that your lawn can face. Crabgrass is adaptable, fast-growing and vigorous which makes it very dangerous for your lawn. Crabgrass generally thrives in lawns that have been mowed too low and that are under fertilized.

Controlling crabgrass is not actually that hard, but you will need to time your fix correctly. Most homeowners will look at applying pre-emergence herbicides in the late spring and early summer, but this is actually too late. What you should be doing is applying corn gluten meal to the lawn in the early spring. This natural option will help to fertilize your lawn and stop crabgrass from taking hold.

After applying the corn meal, you will need to keep the crabgrass at bay through the rest of the spring and summer. To do this, you should feed the desirable grass and mow the lawn high. Mowing the lawn high will remove less of the grass blades and will require more frequent mowing to be done.

The Growth Of Dandelions

Dandelions are a perennial weed which most people have seen in their lawn at some point. This weed thrives in a lawn that does not have enough fertilizer and that is starting to thin. The problem with dandelions is that they develop a very long and thick tap root so pulling out the flower will not be enough to remove them. You will need to remove or kill the tap root of the dandelion will simply come back.

If you do not have many dandelions in your lawn, you can remove them by hand. To do this, you should use a fork-like tool to pull the weed and the taproot. There are some herbicides that you can also use to kill these weeds. However, if you are going to be using herbicides, you will need to be careful because they can cause harm to humans when ingested or when they come into contact with the eyes.

The Growth Of Fungus

A lot of people turn to fungicides to take care of the fungus that pops up in their lawn. The problem with this is that experts state that they are a waste of time and money. By the time the average homeowner notices the fungal disease, the conditions that the fungicide treats have passed. Most homeowners will end up treating the symptom of the fungus instead of the cause.

The best fix for this is to look at the common causes of fungus in your lawn and address them. It can be very difficult to determine when the fungus is starting to take hold and it will have to be treated before the grass starts to die. However, the causes such as too much water, incorrect mowing and incorrect fertilizing can all be easily addressed.

The Growth Of Moss

Moss is actually a very attractive ground cover that many people cultivate for the aesthetic that it provides. However, if you want to have a nice green lawn, you do not want to be cultivating the moss. While it is possible to kill any moss that starts to grow with a spray, it will come back if you do not change the conditions that it thrives in. A healthy moss colony in your lawn means that there is too much shade and that the soil is too wet, compact and acidic.

If you have moss growing in shaded lawn, you should look at reseeding the area with a shade tolerant grass. Keeping your trees and shrubs correctly pruned can also help with the moss. If you have moss in moist or low-lying areas, you should cut back on watering the area until you see that there is look little moisture.

If you have compacted soil, you will need to aerate it. There are a number of ways that you can do this and the option that you choose should relate to the size of the area that you need to aerate. Poor drainage can also lead to excess water in the soil and can be remedied by using underground pipes or ensuring that the area is correctly graded.

There are many problems that could affect your lawn and turn it from the lush green expanse you want to a dull or brown wasteland. These problems can all be fixed fairly easily with the use of products and through understanding the causes.

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