Enjoy a Mosquito-Free Yard!

Sean Meier is an arborist with Ziehler’s and came over to assess the damage to one of our trees in the back yard. He diagnosed the problem and agreed to return in 3 weeks at no charge to see if treatment is working.

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Mosquito Control in Springboro

Our mosquito control program is so effective because we get to the root of the problem. Our experienced technicians have the skills, experience, tools, and the know-how to keep your mosquito population to a minimum all season long.

With our targeted mosquito treatments in Springboro, you can expect:

1. Inspect: To ensure your yard stays mosquito free, we start at the source. Our expert mosquito exterminators complete a thorough inspection to identify breeding grounds and problem areas in your lawn. These are areas where standing water collects such as:

  • birdbaths
  • gutters
  • water features
  • shallow containers


2. Treat: We treat the high-risk areas we identified in our inspection with special products designed to control existing mosquito larvae. We then treat the remainder of your lawn, targeting areas that adult mosquitos hide during the day.

3. Repeat: Our mosquito control program consists of monthly applications during Ohio’s mosquito season.

Keep Mosquitoes from Crashing Your Party

If you want to be the host with the most this season, make sure mosquitoes aren’t invited to your next backyard gathering! Allow your guests to be fully comfortable at your outdoor event with our fast-acting mosquito solutions.

We offer special event mosquito control services in Springboro that will get rid of mosquitoes in advance of your outdoor party, so you can enjoy the day without swatting or itching. Your guests will thank you!

Expert Technicians Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Dealing with mosquitoes is serious business, so you want to ensure you that you have the most experienced and educated exterminators taking care of your yard. Our expertly-trained technicians undergo extensive continuing education training to ensure that our treatments and techniques are the best they can be.

The products we use to eliminate favorable breeding conditions for mosquitoes are EPA certified and used only where necessary. The safety of your family is our top priority, so we make sure to apply our products only where necessary.

Enjoy The Unmatched Customer Experience

While our customers come to us for our highly effective pest control and mosquito treatments, they stay for the unmatched customer experience that we provide to each and every client.

When you choose us for your mosquito control needs in Springboro, you can expect prompt, no obligation service, personalized and customized treatment plans, thorough inspections, free re-treatments and more. You’ll feel like family and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Are you ready to take your yard back from pesky mosquitoes?
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