Green Lawn Tips And Advice

Easy Green Lawn Tips And Advice

Green Lawn Tips

Everyone wants to have a soft green lawn, but most people have a hard time achieving this on their own. If you want to have a green lawn, there are some steps that you need to take. These steps are not actually difficult, but you need to complete them correctly to ensure that your grass grows correctly. If you want to hire the professional services, you can contact

Prevent Weeds Before They Come Up

Weeds popping up in your lawn are something that you want to avoid because it will damage your chances of a nice green lawn. The best way to take care of weeds is to stop them before they are able to gain a roothold in your lawn. To do this, you should consider using a pre-emergent herbicide which stops weeds before they have a chance to germinate.

Using this type of herbicide will stop hard to eliminate weeds as well as crabgrass. It is best to use this herbicide in the early spring because this ensures that the weeds have not had a chance to germinate already. Of course, you need to be careful when using herbicides as they do contain chemicals that could be harmful if ingested. You need to follow the directions on the product and makes sure that you take safety precautions.

Remove Broadleaf Weeds As Soon As They Sprout

If you have broadleaf weeds in your garden, you need to remove them as soon as they sprout. These weeds are easy to see because they have brightly colored dandelions and big green leaves. The problem is that these weeds will stop your grass from growing correctly and will cause it to turn brown or a dull green.

To remove these weeds, you can use a granular weed control product. These products should be applied on a day when there is heavy morning dew because they need the moisture to stick to the leaves of the weed. If you do not have many of these weeds in your lawn, you can remove them by hand. However, when removing by hand, you have to ensure that you get as much if not all of the root.

Mow Frequently And High

A lot of people choose to mow their lawn short because this will save them time and the grass will take longer to reach a length when it needs to be mowed again. The issue with this is short mowing can damage your lawn and allow weeds to start growing. There is also a chance that you are scalping your lawn and this can cause damage to the root system because it is exposed.

It is recommended that you mow your lawn higher so that the grass left is taller. This will require you to mow your lawn more regularly, but it will result in a much healthier and greener lawn. A good rule of thumb to use for this is that you should never cut off more than a third of the blade.

Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp

When mowing, most people do not consider how sharp the mower blade is. This is actually something that you need to keep in mind if you want to have green and healthy grass. Dull mower blades will result in a ragged edge to the grass which gives it a brown color as the tips die.

A sharp blade will slice through the lawn cleanly and ensure that there are no tears in the grass blades. You should look at sharpening the mower blade a few times each growing season and replace it if there are signs of wear. If you are unsure about whether you need to sharpen the blade, look at the grass you are mowing and check for ragged edges.

Water Your Lawn In The Morning

To get the most out of watering, you need to know the best time to water your lawn. This will be in the early morning because the sun can help dry the grass through the day. Watering in the evening will result in water sitting on the grass for longer and this can open the lawn up to diseases.

When watering your lawn, you should also water for a prolonged period to ensure that the water reaches the deep roots. When you deep water your lawn, you will not have to water it regularly. Soaking the soil once a week is generally enough to provide you with green and healthy grass.

Reseed Sparse Lawn

If you find that your lawn is thinning in certain areas, you should look at reseeding it. This will increase the grass in the area and ensure that your entire lawn is green. If you have cool-season grass, you should look at reseeding during the fall. However, if you have warm-season grass, you should look at reseeding in the late spring for the best effects.

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