Tips For Aeration And Seeding

A Couple Aeration And Seeding Tips You Should Use

Seeding Tips

If you are going to prepare your lawn for spring, there are a few things that you need to do to improve the condition of the grass. Simply fertilizing the grass is not enough, even if you do this prior to winter, using plenty of water to get it down to the roots. Proper aeration is also necessary, and you will have to add additional seeds. This will ensure that the grass will be as lush as possible, and that the roots will receive all the nutrients that will be necessary to help your entire lawn be healthy. Here are a couple aeration and seeding tips that are going to help you have the best lawn that you have had in quite some time.

How To Properly Aerate Your Lawn

One of the first things that you should do prior to winter to properly aerate your lawn. This will require you to use either a pitchfork, or some other type of implement, that can poke holes deep into the soil. The further down you go, the better it will be for the roots of the grass. This will also allow the water to percolate further down, along with the fertilizer that you are going to use. Once that is done, you can then start the seating process.

The Benefits Of Over-seeding Your Lawn

The primary benefit of doing so is that not all of the grass on your lawn is going to be completely healthy. They can go through cycles. However, by having additional seeds that can also grow, especially after you have aerated and fertilize the soil, this will help the grass grow as thick as possible. The ability for grass to grow thick is based upon these three factors. Many people only do one or two of them, subsequently wondering why there grass does not look as great that year. You need to have enough seeds, fertilizer, and proper percolation through aeration for the water to get into the soil.

What Type Of Tools Can You Use To Aerate The Soil?

Although using a pitchfork was mentioned, this is a very time-consuming process. This is true, even if you have 4 or more prongs. A proper name for this tool is called a spike aerator, one that typically has 4 prongs or many more, but this might take several hours even with a smaller lawn. Instead, you should use a rolling lawn aerator which will have multiple spikes. As you push it forward, it is going to press the spikes into the ground. There are also automated ones, typically powered by some type of gasoline motor. This will not only increase the speed by which you are able to complete this project, but it will be much more efficient at getting deep into the soil.

What Type Of Fertilizer Should You Use?

Although there are three specific types of fertilizer that you could use including potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, grass is going to benefit the most from nitrogen. You can get pellets that you can spread over the grass which will gradually decompose. This process can accelerate if you water everything after you have spread the fertilizer over the lawn. However, as it breaks down, it still needs to get deep into the soil which is why aerating the soil with these tools is so important. It’s also important, at the same time, that you see the grass.

How To Seed Your Grass

Seeding your grass can be done by using actual grass seeds. However, there is no guarantee that everything will be spread evenly, plus there is also the possibility that the seeds may simply remain on the surface. To get them deep into the soil after you have aerated the lawn, you need to use some type of a Hydro Mousse liquid lawn system. This is extremely easy to use. All of the seeds are placed into a container which is connected to a water hose. Once the water is turned on, the seeds will be evenly distributed. At the same time, the water is going to help the seeds go deep into the soil through the holes that you have put into the soil through using aeration techniques.

If you can do all of this, which should take no longer than a few hours, you can look forward to a beautiful lawn that will grow lush and thick. The initial investment will be under $100, and you will end up with what could be the best lawn that you have ever had. Best of all, it’s also going to help the grass that you already have in place. The combination of all of these tactics will lead to a lawn that will be healthy, thick, and will likely continue to grow properly throughout the course of the year.

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