Green Lawn

A Green Lawn – One Of the Greatest Assets For Any Homeowner

Green Lawn

There is one investment that most people will make in their life that will become more important as their family grows and they look for a return on investment on the money that they have put into the most important investment that they will ever make – their home.

And one of the most important ways that they can maximize that investment is to keep the lawn – both in the front facing street garden and their yard in pristine condition.

Real estate professionals are of the opinion that a green lawn – especially when viewed from the front of the home, is one of the greatest contributors to the value of that home. Opinions differ – but a great looking lawn can add around 10% to the value of that home.

So how does the homeowner make sure that the lawn always looks its best?

There is always an option of taking care of the lawn by yourself – after all as the homeowner you have the most invested in keeping that lawn in pristine condition. But there is always the idea of effort vs return – do you honestly have the time and are willing to expend the effort to keep that lawn in perfect form?

In addition do you have the skills to ensure that the lawn stays pristine? There are a number of very specialized skills that are required to ensure that a lawn remains absolutely perfect – and a professional service provider may be the best person to help out with this task.

Something as simple as watering can become a huge task – especially in this areas where drought and water shortages are a reality.

In these conditions the installation of a professional sprinkler system can mean the difference between a lawn that looks fabulous and one that attracts the attention of authorities who will be more than willing to levy fines against the homeowner for the use of water over and above the allowable levels. Getting a professional lawn care specialist in can prevent this problem and also keep that lawn green and lush.

There are also problems that the average homeowner may not be able to deal with. These may have to do with pests and other impacts on the lawn that simply will not be spotted by those without specialist knowledge.

In cases like this only those with knowledge – often gained through long years of experience or an agricultural degree will be able to prevent damage to the lawn before it takes hold and the problem becomes that much worse.

Planning for the care of a lawn is also incredibly important. As much as it might seem counter intuitive over watering can be just as damaging as supplying your lawn with too little water. By supplying lawns with too much water and allowing that water to pool there is a risk that the lawn could suffer from die-off be it from the presence of too much water or from the organisms that will flourish in those stagnant pools of water.

The provision of too much water might also directly affect the health of those who are resident in the home. Those stagnant pools of water are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Given that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of mosquito borne diseases in the Western World inadequate planing for the drainage of any lawn area is simply a recipe for disaster. For anyone who wants a healthy lawn – but also a healthy family it is extremely important to take note that professional lawn care specialists will not only take care of the lawn itself – but will also ensure that drainage is optimized. This not only ensures that the lawn looks fantastic – but it also makes sure that those who live in the residence stay safe from infection.

Then there is the issue of fertilizer. It may seem like child’s play to visit you neighborhood garden center and pick up the correct fertilizer to ensure that your lawn always looks its best. Unfortunately this may not always be the case.

Applying the correct fertilizer may be a lot more challenging than most people think. It depends on a number of factors including weather conditions and the time of year. This application is best left up to professionals.

So if one was to take all these factors into account it becomes obvious that the investment of taking on board a professional lawn care specialist may be more expensive than doing the job yourself. However that must be balanced against the value of the home itself. As one of the most valuable investments that any individual will make – is it worth it to sacrifice 10% of any homes value for a lawn that does not look its best.

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