Mosquito Control Tips

Mosquito Control Tips – Do It Yourself Tips

Mosquito Control

The fact is that mosquitoes are both annoying and potentially dangerous because they spread dangerous diseases. Indeed, mosquito is an insect that no one wants to encounter. However, from time to time, people are bitten by mosquito and/or increase in number around your area. This means that they are almost impossible to escape from, especially during wet, humid, summer months.

If you are tired of continually swatting away mosquitoes or being bitten by them, then you should consider mosquito controlling tips. These tips will help you keep the local mosquito population under the limit by minimizing their habitats around your property.

But First! Before you get to learn how to control mosquito, there is some important information you need to know about mosquitoes. They are:

The Mosquito’s Habit

A mosquito looks for blood (food) by detecting body heat and the carbon dioxide you breath-out. It is essential also to know that female mosquito suck blood while male mosquitoes feed on plant nectar. Therefore, if a mosquito bites you, that’s a female mosquito.

The Habitat

Mosquitoes breed in any form of stagnant water; may it be water in tree holes, old tires, storm drains, marshes, ponds, swimming pools (if left dormant for long), and outdoor trash cans.

The Threats

A mosquito causes several diseases that include encephalitis, dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria, and West Nile virus. The West Nile virus has not only become a serious concern in the United States but to the rest of the world. These diseases come with signs such as confusion, body weakness, body and headaches, high fevers and in worst case scenario coma. Practicing mosquito managing practices while outdoor can help you reduce the risks of getting infected with one of these diseases.

The Mosquito Control Tips

The best way to control mosquito in and around your home is by eliminating areas with stagnant water; YES! This does include even birdbaths, grill covers, and baby pools. This is a technique that aims at eliminating its habitat, which means they will not breed. If for example, you do not want to remove stagnant water such as a birdbath, then you should at least change the water regularly, at least once in two days.

It is important to note that an adult mosquito will lay eggs in slow moving and stagnant water. They also lay eggs in wet leaf litters and moist soil. The aim of all this is to ensure that you have eliminated collecting water in your area.

There are many other mosquito preventive measures, which include:

1. Drilling Holes in the bottom and not the sides of your recycling or garbage container that is stored outside. If you drill holes on the sides, the can will still hold enough water that will encourage breeding.

2. Always ensure that you have kept your gutters clean and unclogged. This will allow water to flow or drain easily.

3. If you own a swimming pool, it is important to make sure that it is properly cleaned and well chlorine; even when not used. A majority of homeowners with a swimming pool often make the mistake of traveling or going on vacations without chlorinating their pools. When they return, they find many mosquito hatcheries.

4. After and before the rainy season, make sure that you have worked on your property with the aim of creating proper drainage. Puddles should not be around your home especially those that take more than five days to drain.

5. It is wise to aerate decorative ponds to keep water flowing. This discourages a mosquito from laying eggs. Alternatively, you can use fish that eat mosquito as an alternative.

6. Always ensure that you have dried areas that hold water for more than two days. Make sure your property is clean of items that can hold water such as aluminum cans and tires.

Other Mosquito Control Tips

1. Use Natural Mosquito Repellents. This is a great way to control mosquitoes around your property. This can be in the form of Outdoor security lights, citronella candles, and others. By installing yellow outdoor lighting may help you keep mosquitoes at bay since mosquitoes are not attracted to yellow light. A portable fan is another way to keep mosquitoes away from you since they are not strong flyers. This technique will work when you are relaxing outdoors.

2. Investing in mosquito repelling plants. There are several plants that mosquitoes are naturally repulsed by. For this reason, if you invest in these plants, mosquitoes will naturally move away from your property. Examples of these plants include:

• Horsemint

• Ageratum

• Marigolds

• Catnip and others

3. Invest in a mosquito magnet or trap. There are many mosquito traps today. All it takes is a bit of research to find the best for you. At the same time, consider investing in window and door screens that are not more than 18 size mesh. The filters will prevent mosquitoes from accessing your home even when the windows and doors are open.

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