Lawn Care Tips: Fact or Fiction?


There is no lack of misinformation when it comes to lawn care. Take it from us, we regularly correct the grave mistakes that people make on their lawn.

Do you know the difference between lawn care fact and fiction? Use this guide to test your lawn care knowledge:

#1. Watering my lawn every day is the best means of keeping my lawn beautiful and healthy.

It is much better to water your lawn all at once rather than sporadically. Unless you are experiencing extremely hot and dry weather, you should water your lawn about once a week, giving it about an inch of water. Deep watering leads to healthy roots and prevents disease and rot from taking over.

#2. You have to rake leaves to protect your lawn.

True, it’s important to get the leaves off of your lawn so they don’t smother the grass. However, you can also mow over leaves a few times to chop them up. The leaves will decompose on your lawn and then provide nutrients for the soil.

#3. The best time to weed my lawn and prevent weeds from returning is in the fall.

While you can weed your lawn any time of year, fall is the best time to do it. Weeding in the fall will kill off both annual and perennial weeds, and stop these weeds from coming back in the spring. Weeding in the spring will kill weeds, but they can still come back later in the year.

#4. If I cut my lawn shorter, I won’t have to mow as often.

Mowing your lawn too short can expose the roots, causing it to turn brown. It can also damage your lawn by providing a lot of stress during the summer months. Raising the blade so your lawn’s roots get enough shade will help your lawn thrive.

#5. It’s better to leave grass clippings on the lawn rather than bagging them.

People think that leaving your grass clippings on the lawn will lead to thatch, but this is a huge misconception. Clippings are mostly made up of water, and will decompose very quickly. When they decompose on your lawn they add nitrogen to the soil.

#6. From time to time, I should try to change the pattern I use when mowing my lawn.

It can be hard to think of new ways to mow your lawn, but doing so will make a surprising impact on the health of your grass. Mowing your lawn in the same pattern over and over again can prevent parts of your grass from getting ample sunlight, water, and nutrients. If possible, try mowing horizontally one week and vertically the next. This will help the blades of your grass stand straight and be strong.

#7. Spring is the best time of year to aerate my lawn.

The best time of year to aerate your lawn is the fall, usually November. By aerating your lawn in the fall your grass will have easy access to water, air, and nutrients that the roots of your grass desperately need in order to your lawn to survive a harsh winter. Over the course of the summer your soil is compacted by the heat, and aeration gives your lawn a breath of fresh air.

# 8. I can save money by using common household products, like soda or beer, to fertilize my lawn.

Don’t waste your time, or your beer, on this! Just like humans, plants needs complex carbohydrates to grow. The simple sugars in a can of Coke just won’t keep your lawn healthy. And while some people argue that yeast in beer can encourage healthy microbes to grow, but you’re more likely to find fungus growing in your yard instead.

When it comes to lawn care, there’s no shortage of wrong information. Use our guide to sort fact from fiction, and glean sound advice for growing your healthiest grass ever.

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