Keehner Park

Keehner Park West Chester OH Features All Kinds Of Activities & Events For Families

Keehner Park

Located at 7411 Barret Road in West Chester Township Ohio is Keehner Park. The community of West Chester hosts many different events at this park throughout the year. Are you a local? Whether you are local or just passing through, this park is a great spot to visit. You can check the park schedule for upcoming concerts and other events. Pictures of the park are gorgeous, and there are so many different activities you can enjoy there. Get a more close-up look at Keehner Park in West Chester Township Ohio.

Playgrounds and picnic shelters make this park the perfect spot for families to visit and unwind. If you are on vacation, and the kids are all wound up, well, take a break at Keehner Park. You will spot Mill Creek running right through this park, and the creek features a swimming hole as well. Keehner Park was founded in 1976 thanks to the Department of Natural Resources in that state of Ohio.

There is a cabin on park property that was built in 1833. It wasn’t built on site at the park, however, as it was transported there in the 90’s, the 1990’s. It was in Preble County before that, but today it is a nice historical landmark for visitors of the park to see. As for more about the history of Keehner Park itself, the park was named after a farming family.

Did you know that there is a baseball diamond located at the park? That sounds kind of like an ‘If you build it, they will come’ type atmosphere. If you don’t get the reference, it is from the movie ‘Field of Dreams.’ The park doesn’t just feature a baseball diamond but also has an amphitheater. That is where those concerts and many of the other annual and special events are held. If you want to catch a good concert, you should check out the event schedule for what’s known as the West Chester Concert Series. It is the premier annual event hosted at the park.

To give you a hint for scheduling purposes, it’s not just a one time annual event. It is an event that is held every Saturday. You can also count on many holiday events as well. For example, there have been haunted trails on Halloween and Easter egg hunts on Easter. Keehner Park is also known for being host to many educational programs concerning nature.

That log cabin mentioned earlier that was moved to the park is also adorned with decorations throughout the different seasons. There are also many sporting events held there, hence the baseball diamond. Yet the baseball diamond is only part of the entire sports complex located at Keehner Park. In fact, there are facilities for tennis, golf and basketball as well.

The amphitheater is small, yes, but it is cute. You can easily pull up images of it to get a look before you attend a concert there. When you visit Keehner Park, one of the points of interest you don’t want to miss is that cabin in the clearing. It bears mentioning again because one look at it, and you can tell it was built in 1833. It is a really neat historical cabin, and you will get to see it all decorated for the season if you visit during the right times.

Petting zoos and wagon rides are two other events that have been known to be held at Keehner Park in West Chester Ohio. The schedule is always packed with different community events throughout the year. What time of the year are you plan on visiting? While summer sporting events and concerts sound like a plan as far as when to visit, think about what the park would be like during the Christmas and holiday season. There is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years right in a row.

Make your way to Keehner Park in West Chester Ohio with your family, and see what you think about the setup. There is so much to do there, and don’t forget the creek with the swimming hole. The kids will have a blast, and you will have picked a favorite vacation spot for the family when you are in West Chester Township.

Driving Directions:

If your are on a trip to Westchester, don’t forget to visit the Winton Woods Park.

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