Chateau Laroche

Overview Of Chateau Laroche In Westchester Ohio

Chateau Laroche

Located in Butler County in the state of Ohio is a place called West Chester township. It is a small township with just over 60,000 people. It is located southwest of Dayton, and is just north of Cincinnati. One of the more popular attractions that you can visit is Chateau. Here is a brief overview of Chateau Laroche Westchester Ohio, a destination that you should plan to visit if you are traveling along Highway 70 in between Indianapolis and Columbus.

What Is Chateau Laroche?

Also referred to as Loveland Castle, Chateau Laroche is a magical destination. It was originally built by an individual by the name of Harry Andrews, a person that was greatly inspired by European-style castles. Part of the reason for his focus on this type of structure was his disdain for modern buildings. He is said to have had a very high IQ, speaking multiple languages, and was against modern warfare preferring the type of combat that was seen during medieval times. Although he was a medic, serving during World War I, he developed the disease called spinal meningitis. It led to his demise. He spent quite a bit of time visiting many different European castles which is what inspired him to build Loveland Castle.

When Was It Built?

He started constructing his Castle in 1955. At the time, he was 65 years of age. Not only was he motivated to create this structure, but he also designed all of the landscaping that surrounds the property. He made sure that there was a flattened road so that he and others could access it. He also planted an orchard, garden, and had an advanced drainage system installed. He also went as far as to put in a dungeon, and also a moat, creating what seemed to be an authentic European Castle on American soil.

What Did It Take To Build It?

He was able to build it with quite a bit of material. There were an estimated 2600 sacks of cement that were used in its construction. In order to mold the bricks, an estimated 32,000 milk cartons were used in order to create the bricks that were there. To haul the dirt to build the castle, 54,005 gallon buckets were brought in. He also used roughly the same amount of stone. By the 1980s, over 50,000 people were visiting every year, and in 25 years, over a million people had seen this construction. Many people were put on the guest list, and there were several displays including suits of armor, and even a castle toilet that was completely made of bricks.

Why Did He Like European Castles?

His motivation for building the castle was not just his preference for European structures. He was also motivated because of his belief about men during that time in history. He believed that knights were representative of purity, and that they played a large role in the end of the dark ages.

Chateau Laroche In Modern Times

In 1981, subsequent to his death, he left everything to the Boy Scouts. There have been many renovations. Specifically, he left everything to the Knights of the Golden Trail who have been responsible for the many different renovations. Although most of the stories are very positive, there are some that are somewhat frightening. There have been several reports over the years of potential hauntings that have been witnessed by visitors. Other than that, it remains in good condition, and is considered to be one of the top modern attractions of the last hundred years, courtesy of this man that was extremely obsessed with European architecture.

If you have not been to Chateau Laroche in Westchester Ohio, it is definitely worth a visit. Expansions have occurred which have led to the creation of a greenhouse and outside gardens. Although the architecture that is involved in the construction of the castle is one of the main reasons that people visit, reports of ghosts also bring people from all over the country. There are few structures like this in America, especially one that so perfectly captures the European mindset when building structures like this. If you have the time, and you happen to be in Ohio this year, definitely consider visiting Loveland Castle on your next trip.

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