Winton Woods Park

Winton Woods Park

Winton Woods Park – Headquarters Of The Great Parks Of Hamilton County System

When visiting West Chester Ohio, you are going to want to stop by Winton Woods. It is a total of 2500 acres. Have you heard of the Great Parks of Hamilton County? When paying a visit to this park, you are going to discover all kinds of adventures. You can enjoy disc golf, walking trails, picnic shelters and much more. There are also plenty of attractions just a short distance from this park. Let’s take a closer look at Winton Woods Park, which by the way is the 2nd park founded in and the 2nd largest of the Great Parks of Hamilton County System.

The picnic areas at this park can be reserved, so you might want to think about that ahead of time in case you stop by on a busy day. The disc golf course is a full 18 holes, so it will be quite an adventure. The walking paths, of which there are three, cover almost three miles. you will also find a basketball court for shooting practice or a pickup game, and there is an equestrian trail as well.

There is also a lake on site, Winton Lake. You will find a boathouse and harbor, and if you’re up for it, you and the family can go paddle boating or canoeing. Perhaps the best part is the fact that you can go camping there. Not only are there campsites, but there is a spooky campout held during Halloween each year that is said to be quite fun. If you are planning a church youth camp or summer camp of some kind, you can also rent the facilities at Possum Run Youth Camp.

Additionally, you will find a visitors center at Winton Woods Park that is very helpful in terms of information regarding the facilities at the 2500 acre park. This is just one of the ‘Great Parks of Hamilton County.’ In total, they comprise 17,500 acres. If Winton Woods Park is the 2nd largest at 2500 acres, that tells you that there are quite a few parks. Many of them host special events, and since they are all located in Hamilton County, you can count on easy access.

If you are visiting the area, you are going to want to check the Great Parks of Hamilton County website so that you can look at a schedule of events for Winton Woods Park and the other parks. There is Campbell Lakes Preserve, Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve, Fernbank Park, and well, that’s just for starters. There are many more protected acres that this organization manages, 21 parks in total.

At Winton Woods, you can also enjoy fishing and horseback riding. On top of that, there are also playgrounds for the kids. It was mentioned that Winton Woods is 2nd largest and was the 2nd park in the system that was founded, but it is also the headquarters out of all 21 parks. If you reserve a picnic shelter at the park, you don’t even have to bring your own food and drinks if you would rather leave the job to Great Parks Catering. Now that’s cool, a catered picnic.

The walking or nature trails are paved, and the campsites, there are 123 of them available. The campground office on site features a general store, and there is also a snack bar. Now are you ready for the kicker? Do you like golfing? Winton Woods features two golf courses, and there is also the Mill Race Banquet Center. It sounds like you can do just about everything at Winton Woods Park, right? If you decided to camp there, you would certainly be able to explore the entire area.

Remember that you can venture out onto the lake, too. If you need to make any reservations, stop by the visitors center. You might want to take advantage of that catered picnic. It almost sounds too good to be true, right? The activities and adventures that await you have been described, but can you imagine what the park looks like in general? It is going to be a beauty, and you and your family will have fun exploring the parks headquarters known as Winton Woods Park near West Chester Ohio.

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