Voice Of America Bethany Relay Station

Discover Voice Of America Bethany Relay Station In West Chester, Ohio

Voice Of America Bethany Relay Station

Traveling around Cincinnati you will find a lot of areas are full of history and interesting points that you never thought possible in a city like Cincinnati. However, what is even more interesting is the fact that not all of the history is going to happen in the downtown area of Cincinnati. Some of it will happen in some of the popular areas around Cincinnati like West Chester, which is an upcoming and growing suburb area. One of those places that you will find interesting is going to come in the beautiful area in and around the Voice of America Bethany Relay Station. So what exactly is this place and what makes it so interesting for people to come and visit this place? Well, let us start to explore this exact information here.

What Is The Voice Of America Bethany Relay Station

If the name did not give it away already, this is a relay station. Now the tower in the past served as an important relay station for a lot of the radio stations broadcasting out of the Cincinnati area. The best part is this was served a major purpose in World War II and it continued to be in operation until 1994. After that time period it was closed down and changed over to the park that it is now, but it is still full of the history that is present in the area.

When Was The Relay Station Built

The station was actually built by the Crosley Engineers, a name that is very famous in Cincinnati and if you are a Reds fan will recognize as the Crosley Field as well. However, what you need to realize is the Crosley family had a lot of projects they were involved in and this is just one of them. The tower was built in 1944 and started in operation at the time period. This was actually built right next to the WLW transmitter, which was in its own right powerful and at the time of uncongested radio waves could be heard all the way in Australia. So the power and the ground work was already present for the station to be built.

How Did The Tower Get Its Name

The relay station was built in what at the time was a very rural area, think dirt road type of rural. However, the government in the project wanted to guarantee they were giving the proper credit to the people of the area. Since this was the case, there was a town only a couple of miles North of the location of the tower. The government and even the town thought it would be respectful to have it named after the area.

Did It Function In World War II

Yes, this is the really interesting part is the fact that this relay station started to work in the war period and was broadcasting anti-Nazi information to the people. This information is definitely something that people are going to enjoy because it was even reached out to the point that Hitler mentioned it and called everyone that was broadcasting the Cincinnati liars. So it is very easy to see this small little relay station, which was at 200,000-watt transmitter for shortwave broadcast had a far-reaching impact.

What Is The Place Now

As you can tell this is a place that is still open today and it is visited by politicians at times. Even presidents have come here to give speeches at times. However, the main purpose of the location now is it has been turned over to the local government. The local government of West Chester, Ohio has taken care of the property and has elevated it to one of the best locations for a park. The park is going to cover most of the expansive lands that were used for the purpose of the relay station and in addition, the park actually has 100 acres of land around it. The park is easily accessible and people have managed to enjoy using it for this purpose for quite some time. However, some people are not even aware of the park’s history and how it impacted the Nazi Regime.

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