The Beach Waterpark

Why Beach Waterpark Should Be Your First Choice For Waterpark Fun In Ohio?

The Beach Waterpark

‘Let’s go to The Beach.’ There are very few sentences that are bound to create a sense of joy and excitement in young and old as that one. However when one mentions Ohio the idea of sun, sand and crashing waves do not immediately spring to mind. The state may be within shouting distance of some of the Great Lakes – but the seaside is not one of its most prominent attractions.

But why long for the seaside with its crowds and tides and lack of the attractions when they can be found in any modern amusement park?

That is why The Beach Waterpark in Mason Ohio has become one of the most popualr tourist attractions in the state. It doesn’t only attract those who are residents – it also has a loyal following from tourists across America – especially for those who enjoy waterparks.

It’s not difficult to see why. Entering this park is like stepping into a world of water where both young and old can escape their everyday life and really start to have some fun. This is a place where smiles are the norm and fun is just the beginning of a great waterpark experience.

So what makes this waterpark so special? firstly there is the sheer number of attractions – there is literally something for everyone in the park – no matter what their age. They just need to arrive with the idea that they are going to be entertained and have some fun.

Star Attractions Of The Beach Waterpark

So when you enter into the gates at The Beach Waterpark, Mason Ohio what can you expect to find?

  • Firstly there is the zip line which should be the first stop in anyone’s agenda. Soaring high above the park a bird’s eye view of what is on offer will allow those who want to plan out the day’s activities the opportunity to do just that.
    That view will give one an idea of just how much this waterpark has to offer. With over 35 acres of rolling shady terrain this is the ideal place to simply throw off the cares of the everyday world. It is a place where families get to spend some quality time in a safe and secure and above all fun environment.


  • Book your space at a Cabana and allow the family to lie back and realx as everyone gets the opportunity to reach out and explore. Visit the heated wave pool and get an idea of what it would be like to visit a tropical ocean paradise.

  • For those in search of a real thrill the RipeTide Racer will be opening soon after being refurbished. Up to four people can race down the exciting slides to see who will wear the crown as the most daring in the group.

  • If you have never heard the phrase ‘Water Coaster‘ then you are in for the treat of your life when you visit this waterpark. Here you will have the chance to take a spin on ‘The Big Kahuna‘. Slide down 500 feet of slippery fun and experience the thrills of speed and simple joy that comes with being part of the action at this incredible water park.

  • For those who want to take the step up to the ultimate in water based adrenaline raising fun then The Cliff is the attraction that will keep you coming back for more and more. Drop down five stories in only seconds and land with a splash. It’s the sort of fun that will have you coming back again and again.

  • There are numerous other slide based attractions that will have everyone coming back again and again. Cowabunga Curl features hair raising curves and lightning fast straigt drops while Banzai Blast offers two side by side slides for fun with friends and family.

  • For those who want the ultimate there is always the 1,000 feet of fun that is the Kamikaze which propels those who know no fear through a series of turns and spirals that provide safe, yet exhilerating fun.

These attractions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to watery fun at this wonderful waterpark. Get there and get wet.

There is lot more to discover in Kings Island. Happy Discovering!

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