Soak City Mason

Reasons To Visit Soak City In Mason Ohio

Soak City Mason

If you are the type of person that enjoys going to amusement parks, especially the ones that can get you wet, you will absolutely love Soak City in Mason Ohio. It is located within Kings Island amusement park, and has been fully operational for nearly 30 years. The waterpark is part of admission, and it is operated by a business called Cedar Fair Entertainment Group. It has gone under many different name changes including Boomerang Bay and Water Works, but it seems that Soak City is the name they are sticking with. Here are a few reasons why you should consider going to this waterpark that so many people enjoy.

A Quick Overview Of Mason In Ohio

The city of Mason is known for a couple different things. First of all, there is a large tennis arena where professional games are played regularly. It is also one of the cities where Procter & Gamble has provided a multitude of jobs. However, it might be the amusement park that is there which is the primary attraction. It is just like any other city with somewhat standard demographics when compared to other cities in Ohio. Most of the population is Caucasian with about 4% consisting of African-Americans, Asians, and Latinos. However, it is the differences that this community provides which make it well known. From the Lindner Family Tennis Center, to the many different parks that are found throughout this community, it is a destination that is like no other in the state of Ohio.

Overview Of Soak City

This is a massive waterpark that really is one of the best in the world. It has 36 waterslides at this one location. Many people that live there get what is called the Gold Pass, allowing them to access not only the waterpark, but everything that is in Kings Island. There are a couple massive wave pools that you can enjoy with your family. They have also installed relaxing lagoons, rushing rivers, and a couple areas where kids can play. It’s the perfect place for families that want to have fun together in the warmer months in Mason.

Why Is This Park So Unique?

There are quite a few reasons why people go here. Although they do have dining, drinks you can get, and there are VIP cabana, the slides and attractions are the primary reason that people go. For example, there is the Tropical Plunge, a freefall ride, and you can also go to Castaway Cove. Many people do enjoy the Tropical Plunge because of how tall it is. It goes up a total of seven stories. There are six waterslide experiences, including Mondo Monsoon, Rendezvous Run, and Tidal Wave Bay. A total of 50 attractions are there, including the waterslides, and even little children who cannot swim will have a great time while they are visiting. The entire park is designed with kids in mind, although adults will also have a fun time spending a great morning and afternoon with the whole family.

How To Get Discounts On Your Tickets To Soak City?

The best way to get discounts for visiting Soak City is to simply purchase tickets that will get you into Kings Island. The Gold Pass is what you will want to obtain. They also have several other options including a season pass for early ride times, and you can also purchase group tickets. Once you are in, you can also check out the Halloween Haunt during fall, and they also have a Winterfest planned for the colder months. It’s simply a wonderful place to visit if you haven’t been there before, but if you move there, you and your kids may find yourself going as often as possible.

If you are living in Mason, or if you are just passing through, you really need to stop by if you have the time. It is best to go shortly after the park opens in spring, but if you want to cool off during the summer, there is no better place to be. It is because of the design of this waterpark that it will bring people from all over Mason, and even Cincinnati, because of the exciting times that they can have. Don’t forget to also look at everything else that is available at Kings Island, one of the best amusement parks in the state of Ohio.

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