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Overview Of The Old Fort In Mason Ohio

When you get inside Kings Island, located in Mason Ohio, there are a multitude of different activities that you can participate in. It is filled with many attractions that are designed for children, but adults will also have a fun time. For example, there are roller coasters incorporating over 9 miles of track, and they also have what is called Planet Snoopy. Soak City is also popular, especially during the summer time, motivating people from miles around to come to this amusement park. It is one of the largest amusement parks in the Midwest, able to accommodate thousands of people every day. Since opening back in 1972, it has grown significantly. There is what is called the Old Fort which is the focus of this information.

What You Should Know About Kings Island?

When you see the list of attractions and areas that are within this amusement park, you will be astounded at how it all fits in. For example, there is the Action Zone, Rivertown, the Halloween Haunt, Winterfest during winter, and another event called Oktoberfest during the fall. There are many other areas that you can go through, and at one point in time there was a section that was devoted to presenting a wild West theme. This is where the Old Fort is currently located.

The Old Fort In Kings Island

This is technically called the Old Fort in the Woods. There are pictures of this on the web. It is very small, located at the corner of an old fence. It was designed to look like what they might have had if this were an outpost. If you are riding on the Miami Valley Railroad, this is going to take you from one station to the other. There is the main station which is Losantiville Station, but it is more commonly referred to as Rivertown Station. This has been a ride that has been very popular for years. It is the second most popular attraction, providing over 50 million rides since it was created. You will get to see old-style buildings, geese in the water, and a makeshift mining company. In the midst of this is the Old Fort.urrently located.

What Else Would You See It Rivertown?

This was initially designed to refer back to the pioneer days. Everything that you will see would be circa 1800 and later on. In the past, Cincinnati was actually referred to as a river city. This particular attraction was once called Frontier Land similar to what you will find that Disneyland. This was inspired by a miniature railroad, one that was located at Coney Island in Cincinnati. All of this opened up back in the 1960s, and you would literally cross into the woods, looking at Civil War and American Indian figures. Later on, they decided to create a rumor about great disturbances in this area. This led to the opening up of one of their roller coasters called The Beast.

What Else Can You Do In Kings Island?

There are many other things that you can do while you are at Kings Island. That includes The Crypt, Soak City, and The Racer which is a wooden roller coaster. It is distributed over 364 acres, and with the exception of just for years, a new attraction has been added every single year. From Mystic Timbers to White Water Canyon, it’s one of those unique places that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. At the very least, you will get to see the iconic Old Fort when you take the train ride through the facility.

If you do get a chance to go, you will likely only be able to participate on a handful of rides. That’s because there are so many to choose from, and by the end of the day, you will be exhausted having only attempted to go on a few of them. It is also a very large complex, making it difficult for small children to go all throughout the park and one day. It is highly recommended that you stay in Mason for a week, and get a Gold Season Passes, so that you can save money and also see as many of these attractions as possible.

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