Mole Removal and Control

Ohio Mole Removal and Control

If you have moles destroying your yard, Ziehler Pest Control can help! We provide quick, safe and effective removal of the moles. Our Mole Clean-out program consists of multiple visits to assess the mole activity, place traps and baits to remove the moles and follow up visits. We then return during the Mole Yard Guard program to keep them from coming back!

What’s included in the Mole Clean-out and Mole Yard Guard programs?

  • Quick initial visit for inspection and strategic placement of mole traps and baits in active tunnels
  • 3 follow up visits with inspection, clean-out and resetting of traps and replenishment of bait
  • 30 days following the final clean-out visit, we will return for the maintenance program and again every 30 days
  • Guaranteed service and free service calls with maintenance program if any issues arise between visits
  • The Unmatched Customer Experience – our promise to you to do whatever it takes to surpass our customer’s and the publics’ expectations every time they come into contact with us!
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