Kings Island

Visit Kings Island In Mason Ohio With Your Family

Kings Island

Have you ever been to Kings Island in Mason Ohio? It is in Mason OH only a couple of dozen miles away from Cincinnati. It was the place that my mom and dad chose for their week long honeymoon in 1979. It is located at 6300 Kings Island Drive, and the amusement park is 364 acres. Let’s look at more information about Kings Island in Mason OH so that you can plan your visit.

Have you booked your hotel for the trip?

The honeymoon my mom and dad enjoyed was 38 years ago. My mom was talking to me about it, and she said that she remembers the biggest rollercoaster at the time was called The Beast. She said that they had made a reservation for a nice hotel for their trip, but they couldn’t find it when they got there. They ended up staying at another place that was also nice but not quite as nice as the original booking.

You have to remember that in those days, people just had maps, as there weren’t GPS devices, cellphones or anything that could help you find a place. It doesn’t mean a hotel couldn’t be found, but they gave up to get another place, at least for the first night, and start their honeymoon. Are you planning a honeymoon, too?

They were going to search for the hotel again the next day, and they decided not to and just continue their adventure. They had a blast and even went into Cincinnati during the week long honeymoon. What all do you plan to do when you visit Kings Island and Mason OH? There are all kinds of great adventures, and you can also expect to eat at some great restaurants.

Rollercoasters Ride at Kings Island

Kings Island is known for its rollercoasters. One of the best rollercoasters is known as the Banshee. Another one is called the Diamondback. The Planet Snoopy Store is popular with the kids, and there is also a water park. Are you traveling as a family? It would be a fun trip for sure, and you could check out all the other great things to do in Mason OH and Cincinnati as well.

The reviews say that the water park has plenty of slides, and both the water park and amusement park are often busy. Some people talk about visiting during the week instead of the weekend, but it just depends, too, on whether or not you like crowds. Crowds can be fun because they can help set the atmosphere of an environment. However, when you want to enjoy a place with your family and friends, crowds can mean long lines at rides.

Kings Island is definitely a great amusement park to visit if you are in the Mason or Cincinnati area. If you are vacationing in the area, you might as well explore other top attractions, too. Kings Island is the #1 attraction in Mason. Western Southern Open and The Beach Water Park come in at #2 and #3. Painting with a Twist sounds like a unique place to visit for a cool experience as well.

As mentioned, you will find plenty of good restaurants in Mason. You are excited about Kings Island though, and you should look at some of the pictures of the coasters. Just how many rollercoasters await you? How do they compare with coasters at other parks in the region? Kings Island is a unique amusement park with a rich history. There is also an Animal Kingdom there, and that should be quite a lot of fun, too. However, it should be mentioned that reviews say that the Animal Kingdom portion of the park is an extra charge. Keep that in mind.

Make Memories

There are a lot of people that have left reviews and talk about going there now and in the past like my parents. Make your memories at Kings Island, and discover all the fun that is waiting to be had. You and your family are going to enjoy everything that Kings Island has to offer people of all ages. It sounds like quite the nostalgic place, doesn’t it? It almost makes you think of an old school amusement park with a carnival type atmosphere, yet a big one that is a lot of fun and features great rides.

Driving Directions:

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