Hocking Hills Ohio

9 Top Hocking Hills Ohio Restaurants That Serve Up Delicious Food

Hocking Hills Ohio Restaurants

If you want to experience nature in Hocking Hills Ohio, located in Hocking County, you are going to have plenty of places to explore. There are cliffs, waterfalls and all kinds of great things to see, but this article is going to be about what there is to eat. There are currently a total of 72 restaurants in Hocking Hills, and you are going to love all of those choices. Let’s look at 9 of them that are considered to be the best.

1. Milestone Restaurant Smoked Barbecue

Milestone Restaurant Smoked Barbecue is located at 12790 Grey Street, and the menu highlights sound like this place does it right. First of all, they have burnt ends. Milestone Restaurant Smoked Barbecue also serves up brisket, pulled pork, smoked turkey, cornbread muffins and so much more. Don’t forget the sides! Reviews say that this place is fabulous.

2. The Olde Dutch Restaurant & Banquet Haus

Guess what is in store for you next. Okay, don’t guess, but check this out. The 2nd ranked restaurant in Hocking Hills is The Olde Dutch Restaurant & Banquet Haus. That certainly sounds like a great place, don’t you think? It is very unique, and before I get to the menu, I want to tell you that this special restaurant is located at 12791 State Route 664 South. And guess what, the establishment features a buffet. You are talking about ice cream, homemade pies, fried chicken and so much more. And if that weren’t enough, there is also a petting zoo there.

3. Pizza Crossing

Pizza Crossing is up next, and you know this establishment is going to be a great place to pick up some unique and delicious pizza. It is located at 58 North Mulberry Street, and there is great Italian food in general served up there, too. You of course already know that you are going to find some great pizza there, and wings are another menu favorite.

4. Lake Hope Lodge

Lake Hope Lodge is located at 27331 State Route 278, and you are talking about smoked turkey, wood fired pizza, berry cobbler, cheesy potatoes and all kinds of great food. I don’t know if you feel the same way so far, but this county and city sounds so far like it has some of the absolute best restaurants out of any city. Lake Hope Lodge makes me think that way just like the other ones mentioned so far.

5. M&M Diner

Now it is time for the next restaurant, and it is called M&M Diner. M&M Diner is located at 34 West Main Street, and it is all about Reubens, homemade desserts, cabbage rolls and so much more. This restaurant is also known for serving up some delicious breakfast. Reviews say that the Buckeye Cake is a must try.

6. The Ridge Inn

Hocking Hills also features a great restaurant called The Ridge Inn. The Ridge Inn is located at 16178 Pike Street, and it is known for homemade donuts, blackberry cobbler and sweet potato fries. Meatloaf and other desserts make the menu highlights, too. If you haven’t noticed, Hocking Hills is known in general for restaurants serving up great desserts.

7. Full Brooks Cafe

Full Brooks Cafe is located at 6 Public Square, and it is first of all a great place to get an iced coffee. You can also order up cookies, sandwiches, soups and more. As you can tell, this is a great place to get lunch. Not only that, but the restaurant is said to be vegetarian friendly.

8. Tammy's Country Kitchen

Tammy’s Country Kitchen is next up, and you know there is some great country cooking coming up. Located at 240 Jefferson Street, Tammy’s Country Kitchen is known for its meatloaf, burgers, taco salads and much more. You are going to enjoy huge portions, and it sounds like the good is delicious.

9. The Mine Tavern

The last featured restaurant is The Mine Tavern, and you can find it at 14 Public Square. It is a great place to grab a burger, and that sounds like a plan. Don’t all of these restaurants sound like a plan? You are going to get quite hungry out there in nature, and you will want to know what restaurant to get to right away. You know plenty of great Hocking Hills Ohio restaurants to go to now, and you will be eating good for days as you travel around.

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