EnterTRAINment Junction Ohio

EnterTRAINment Junction Ohio – Brings Out The Kid In Everyone

EnterTRAINment Junction Ohio

In this day and age of the internet and mobile devices, set top gaming systems and entertainment at the tips of our fingertips the idea that the humble train set could provide hours of entertainment may seem like an idea from forgotten age. However there is a place in Ohio where the dreams of the model train enthusiast are firing the imagination of both young and old.

EnterTRAINment Junction Ohio is a magical place and provides families with the perfect escape from the sometimes distracting media that now seem to touch every part of our lives. It is here where the simple pleasures of wonder and laughter are available to all who visit.

At EnterTRAINment Junction visitors will find 2 miles of track with 90 miniature trains running in a fascinating and awe inspiring display that has various interactive elements that will have both the young and the young at heart delighted at the sheer attention to details that has been lavished on these displays.

The displays are not only awe inspiring in that attention to details but also offer a fascinating insight into three distinct time periods where trains transformed the economic and social landscape of the United States. The combination of simple fun and education is the perfect solution for those caregivers who want the kids to not only enjoy their day out – but also to learn something valuable.

Just observing the 1/24 scale trains and the panoramas that they been placed in is a delight. But when examining the sheer scale of the exhibits it becomes apparent that this was a labor of love that only a team of people who are dedicated to the fine art of model building would be capable of. Take for instance the number of train cars that travel the highly detailed countrysides and cityscape that are part of each exhibit – there are 1,200 of them!

It took 135 truly dedicated enthusiasts around 200,000 man hours to create a world in miniature that is breath taking in its attention to detail.

But it’s not just a sight that is static. Most of the displays have interactive elements that will delight those that are young at heart. take for instance the Coney island exhibit where those who want to stamp their own individuality on the delightful miniature sense can control rides, play music and alter the lighting – providing an impressive experience that puts modern digital delights to shame.

But it isn’t only the world’s largest model train display that draws the crowds – there is so much more to do at EnterTRAINment Junction in Ohio.

Take for instance the interactive play area for kids where 5,000 square feet of railroad themed fun awaits the younger members of the family. There’s also an area set aside for the very young – here toddlers can also enjoy the fun that is part and parcel of the EnterTRAINment Junction experience.

For those who want an even more educational experience there is also a 5,000 square foot museum which provides insight into the impact that rail transportation has had on the development of the United States.

There are also numerous other exhibits that may change from time to time. If visitors have interest in the fascinating world of rail transportation this is a day out that will not be forgotten.

There is also the opportunity to relax old school stype in the A-Maze-N Funhouse. here the classic fun of the carnival is brought back to life with a modern twist – and the kids (and most of the older crowd) will love the fact that it is not only a nostalgic trip back in time – but also amazing fun.

With a mirror maze, a curtain maze and other attractions such as The Outer Limits which introduces all ages to what it might be like to travel to the edges of the known universe.

Tickets range in price from $14.95 to $9.95 – depending on what attractions are selected.

This is great fun for the entire family – if you are traveling to Ohio make a point of stopping by.

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