EcoSense Tree and Shrub Care

EcoSense Lawn Care

What can I expect from my EcoSense Lawn Care program?

Insect and Disease Control

In early spring, we apply premium dormant oil to the proper trees and shrubs under 20 feet in height. This application will control overwintering egg clusters and insects. This is the best time of the year to control scale.

During the second and third visits, we apply a disease control to minimize the risk of disease later in the season.

We treat trees and shrubs that are susceptible to insect damage with foliar insect control. During four summertime visits, we inspect and treat for insects and mites to help protect your trees and shrubs from caterpillars and mites, Japanese Beetles and young bagworms.


The best defense to disease and insect damage is having healthy plants and trees. In the fall, deciduous trees under 20 feet in height and shrubs received deep root fertilization with micro- and macro-nutrients. This application will help correct yellowing foliage due to iron and manganese deficiencies, reduce summer stress and promote the strength and vigor of your plants. Proper plant nutrition will help reduce future insect and disease issues.

Customer Experience

Every visit, a full inspection of your landscape plants is being preformed to evaluate results and look for any future potential challenges that may rise. Be aware of the notes from your technician in the after-service email; they will help provide as much information as possible to enhance the results on your landscape.

What can you do to benefit your landscape trees and shrubs the most?

During the spring, please remove dead perennials, leaf debris and any broken limbs in trees or bushes. Also apply landscape bed pre-emergent to help prevent weeds and weed-like grasses from taking over your beds.

Just like your lawn, landscape plants need water too. As the temperatures increase and the ground begins to dry out, it is important that your landscape plants receive water. Deep and infrequent watering is highly recommended. For larger trees and bushes, try turning the hose on to a trickle and then setting the hose at the base of the plant for thirty to sixty minutes per plant. The soil should be kept moist, but not soupy.

In the fall, be sure to remove fallen leaves from under trees susceptible to disease such as crabapples.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of tree are covered under the Tree and Shrub program?

The EcoSense Tree and Shrub program will cover any tree up to 20 feet tall.

They just came and sprayed my trees either yesterday or today and now it is raining. Will my treatment be ruined?

The application is specifically designed for this time of year and the weather we usually receive. The products we use are designed to be rain fast in ½ – 1 hour. This product is petroleum based meaning that very quickly after the application, rain and moisture will roll off, leaving the product intact. Our arborist will inspect your plants on the next visit and will make an additional application if necessary. We also offer free service calls if you ever notice any issue. Ziehler Ohio Lawn Care and Pest Control Centerville OH 45458 8411 Clyo Road 5 4.5 2 23 Lawn Care and Pest Control Mo-Su 08:00-17:00 $ 937-312-9575 561730 39.62 -84.14