Columbus Zoo And Aquarium

Visiting The Columbus Zoo And Aquarium In Ohio

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium

A trip to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium provides hours of fun for the whole family. With over 800 different species of animals on site, children and adults alike are sure to have a great time. Along with large predators like lions, leopards, polar bears, and wolves, they also have a ton of other types of animals ranging from turtles and penguins to wombats, flamingos, and camels.

The animals on display come from every part of the world, meaning that you can see creatures that you most likely would never encounter in your everyday life. The best part is, instead of having to travel across the globe, you can view these animals right in your own backyard.

The zoo has been the recipient of several awards throughout the years. For instance, in 2009, USA Travel Guide ranked it as the top zoo in the United States. Conservation is one of the primary goals of this zoo – both with the work they do at the zoo itself and money that they contribute to outside conservation efforts.

Admission to the zoo is quite affordable. Children under the age of three get in for free. Admission for older kids and seniors comes in at $9.99, while the fee for adults is $14.99. Tickets can be purchased online, meaning that you don’t have to wait in line after you arrive at the zoo.

If you really want to have a great time on your adventure, it is important to plan ahead. That means wearing the right clothing and bringing along all of the right gear.

One of the most important things that you can do is wear comfortable shoes. The zoo itself is relatively large, with lots of areas to explore. If your shoes are rubbing your feet or causing blisters, you most likely won’t feel up to seeing all of the animals. Lightweight athletic shoes, sneakers, or other comfortable, supportive shoes are great choices.

There are food carts on-site that sell a variety of different types of food to visitors. If you prefer, you can also bring your own food from home. The zoo allows visitors to carry in their own food and beverages, meaning that you can pack a lunch and save money. The only thing to keep in mind is that straws are not allowed. This is to help protect the animals from harm.

Laser pointers are also forbidden, simply because they can be distracting and upsetting for the animals. Although service animals are allowed inside the zoo, pets are not allowed. You can avoid any problems by leaving your pets at home rather than bringing them along with you. After all, you don’t want to have to leave them in the vehicle while you visit the zoo.

If you have difficulty getting around, there are scooters and wheelchairs available for rent. Keep in mind, however, that there are a limited number of these devices available. They are rented out on a first-come-first-served basis. Because of that, you should try to get to the zoo as early as possible if you need one of these assistive devices.

If you need to leave the zoo for any reason, consider getting your hand stamped on your way out. That way, you can return later in the day. Taking a break part way through the day can be a good idea if you have young children or if you have other things going on in your life that prevent you from dedicating a large chunk of time to seeing all of the animals.

It can take quite a while to work your way through the entire zoo. Splitting your visit into a morning session and an afternoon session can help you stay refreshed and recharged so that you have the energy to take it all in.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio is one of the leading zoos in the country. If you have never visited before, you are in for a real treat. Just be sure to plan ahead for your visit. Wearing the right clothing and bringing along all of the items that you need can help ensure that you have a great time as you explore everything that the zoo has to offer.

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